Easy DIY projects for your Lowry apartment.

Transform Your Apartment with Unique DIY Ideas

Consider your space at Alas Over Lowry more than just a residence; think of it as a blank slate eager for your personal touch. Embracing DIY projects is an excellent avenue to infuse your personality, introduce singular charm, and express your creative spirit within your apartment. Whether it’s subtle decorative changes or clever utility enhancements, an array of DIY endeavors can help morph your living area into a welcoming and uniquely personal sanctuary. Get ready to dive into some hands-on crafting and uncover a few appealing DIY ideas for your apartment home.


Memory-Laden Gallery Wall

Build an eye-catching gallery wall to house those precious memories and express artistic taste. Select a variety of photographs, art prints, and postcards. Choose between eclectic frame sizes or a consistent frame style for a refined aesthetic. Strategically place them to fashion a visually engaging display that enhances your interior design. This venture not only personalizes your space but also daily reconnects you with cherished moments.

Revamped Repurposed Furniture

Transform old furniture pieces with a new layer of paint or a refreshing stain. Be it a chair that’s seen better days, a neglected table, or a lackluster bookcase, a simple refresh can inject vitality back into these items. Experiment with color schemes and patterns that resonate with your individual taste. Adding decorative touches such as stencils or using decoupage can elevate the project. This economical DIY idea promises a remarkable transformation.

D.I.Y. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves offer both functionality and aesthetic pleasure. Craft your bespoke floating shelves from wood, metal brackets, or upcycled elements. Customize their color or finish to harmonize with your apartment’s decor. Utilize these shelves to feature beloved books, art objects, or greenery. This project smartly utilizes vertical space while adding a fashionable element to your dwelling.

Washi Tape Decorative Walls

For a simple, reversible approach to wall decoration, consider washi tape art. Available in an assortment of hues and designs, washi tape is ideal for crafting distinctive wall designs. Fashion geometric patterns, whimsical shapes, or an entire mural by applying the tape directly to the wall. This method introduces vibrant personality into your space without risking the paint job.

Homemade Mason Jar Lanterns

Create a cozy, inviting glow with DIY mason jar lanterns. Cleanse mason jars and place battery-operated LED lights within. Embellish the jars with twine, lace, or vivid ribbons to enhance their allure. These lanterns can adorn your balcony or brighten up shelves, setting a serene mood in the evenings.


Step into the realm of DIY and allow your creativity to fashion an apartment that mirrors your distinctive flair. Regardless of your DIY experience level, these projects offer a wonderful chance to personalize your living area. Consider booking a tour of our exquisite Lowry apartments today!

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