Pet-friendly spots near Lowry, CO.

Pamper Your Pets at These Top 5 Pet Shops Around Our Lowry Apartments

Embracing the pet-loving lifestyle at our Lowry apartments is easy, especially when you consider our open-armed welcome to your furry companions. Our community even boasts an on-site pet wash and grooming station. Besides our pet-centric amenities, one of the added bonuses of residing with us is our proximity to several fantastic places where your pets can be lavished with love. Whether it’s grooming, daycare, or finding the perfect toy, here are some standout locations near Alas Over Lowry your pet will adore.


Chewy’s Bonetique

“A bone and a bath for your dog” encapsulates the ethos at Chewy’s Bonetique. Just a short jaunt from our apartments, this local pet shop and grooming spot is a haven for pet owners. As a top-tier independent specialty pet supply store in the area, they offer an array of food, medicines, supplies, and grooming solutions. They also provide a DIY dog wash station. Explore their range of services and products by visiting Chewy’s Bonetique’s website.


Maw & Paw Pet Market

A family venture, Maw & Paw Pet Market prides itself on a holistic approach to pet supplies, featuring all-natural products along with grooming services. They stock everything from wet and dry food to treats and supplements for both cats and dogs. Their grooming services are stress-free, emphasizing one-on-one, kennel-free interactions. Self-service washing stations are also available. For a comprehensive look at their offerings, visit the Maw & Paw Pet Market website.


Ciji’s Natural Pet Supplies

A mere 10 minutes from our Lowry residences is Ciji’s Natural Pet Supplies. This gem offers an extensive selection of toys, accessories, basic supplies, and even gifts. Following a recent collaboration with Paws ‘n’ Play Natural Pet Supplies, their inventory is more comprehensive than ever. They also offer pet adoption services for those considering a new addition to their family. Discover more on the Ciji’s Natural Pet Supplies website.


Quality Paws Natural Pet

For health-conscious pet owners, Quality Paws Natural Pet is the go-to location for natural dog and cat foods, CBD items, toys, accessories, and treats. They guarantee products free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, ensuring your pet receives only the best. Shop with confidence in-store or online by visiting the Quality Paws Natural Pet website.


Just Cats

At Just Cats, your feline friends are in for a treat. Situated only 7 minutes from our Lowry apartments, this cat-focused store ensures your kitty won’t feel left out. From treats and toys to food and health items, if it’s cat-related, they have it. They also offer pet sitting services for those times when you’re away. Visit the Just Cats website for more details.


Living at our Lowry apartments is a joy for pet owners, with these delightful pet stores nearby making it all the more special. Visit Alas Over Lowry today for a tour of our pet-friendly community and spacious living spaces.

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