Wings over the Rockies Museum.

Discover the Rich Aviation Heritage Adjacent to Our Lowry Apartments at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum

Proximity to delightful dining spots, scenic parks, engaging activities, and entertaining attractions is one of the perks of residing in our Lowry apartments. Among these attractions, the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum stands out as a prominent landmark, just a brief walk or drive from Alas Over Lowry.

About the Museum

The Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum is situated on the historical Lowry Air Force Base site. Since 1994, when it transitioned from military use to a volunteer-based organization, the museum has occupied the iconic Hangar #1, erected in 1939. Covering over 182,000 square feet, it’s dedicated to preserving and showcasing the comprehensive history of operations at Lowry Air Force Base from 1938 to 1994.

This museum houses an impressive array of historical aircraft, artifacts, space vehicles, military apparel, and more. Its collection boasts a rare B-18A Bolo, one of the scant WWII-era bombers still in existence, alongside five Century-series fighters, one of the only two B-1A Lancers, and an RF-84K Thunderflash among others.

Each year, Wings attracts around 160,000 visitors from within all 50 states and 34 different countries, highlighting its global appeal.

Featured Displays

The museum includes 11 permanent exhibitions and numerous temporary displays that shine a light on Colorado’s and the nation’s aviation history. Wings continually updates and rotates its exhibits to ensure both new and returning visitors find something intriguing. Notable permanent exhibits feature:

  • Colorado Air National Guard – An extensive exploration of the Air National Guard.
  • Lowry Heritage Room – The narrative of Lowry’s Air Force Base is unfolded here.
  • Wright Propeller – Featuring the Wright Model K Propeller, designed by the legendary Orville Wright.
  • Spirit of AmericaSonic Arrow, the vehicle engineered to shatter land speed records.
  • The Amelia Project – Learn about Amelia Earhart and her legendary flight.
  • Colorado’s Astronauts – Honoring Colorado’s astronauts and their compelling journeys.

Guests can immerse themselves in the thrill of aviation by exploring aircraft and space vehicles, viewing moon rocks, and discovering aviation’s captivating legacy.

Simulation Adventures

The museum provides 3 distinct simulator experiences to mimic the sensation of being a pilot.

  • MaxFlight Simulator – A 5-minute journey in a full-motion flight simulator, complete with 10 rollercoaster simulations, for an additional fee.
  • Virtual Reality Lounge – Experience aerospace like never before with a panoramic 360-degree virtual reality session, included with museum entry.
  • Doron Simulator – Step into a futuristic jet’s pilot seat with this partial-motion simulator, great for children, for an additional fee.

For further details on exhibits, special exhibitions, classes, operational hours, ticket prices, and more, visit the museum’s official site.

Your Aviation Exploration Awaits Near Our Lowry Apartments

Whether you’re eager for a family day-out exploring the locality or keen on diving into aviation history, the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum offers a wealth of knowledge and fun. Living at Alas Over Lowry means convenience doesn’t require a vehicle. Consider booking a tour at our Lowry apartments today.

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